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This photo series takes the simple subject of a piece of paper against a blank, indistinguishable background to explore concepts of form, light, shadow, and infinite complexity. Sometimes, the subject itself is barely perceptible, and is only understood through the shadow it casts.


Paper goes from being planar, to geometric, to sharp, to soft, based on whether it has been folded once, twice, a dozen times, or a hundred times. What are the possibilities of edge and boundary within a subject that we conceptualize as empty? 



This series uses found objects from my architecture studio, photographed first as they were found in their surroundings and then again, completely removed from them. These objects are mundane, banal, or broken, and yet when separated from the very context that makes them ubiquitous, they resemble a gallery of portraits. 



This photo series projects images of natural environments on people as they imagine themselves someplace else. The shadow cast from the subject reveals the separation between what is reality versus not. In some ways, it is an invitation into the daydream, but also an acknowledgment that it is unreal. Where do we imagine ourselves, when we want to be someplace else? 

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